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Rounded Wall Paint Stencil For Boarders Painting

Rounded Wall Paint Stencil For Boarders Painting

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Rounded Wall Paint Stencil For Boarders Painting | Kids Rooms Boys & Girls Nursery Room Boarder.

Quote My Wall painting boarder stencils are the perfect solution for creating beautiful boarder style effects on your walls. Simply peel, stick, paint and done! Effortlessly create beautiful 2 tone wall boarders, feature walls and more.

No more drawing around stencils, adding paint to where the plastic sits and fiddly bits. Our vinyl boarder stencils, to you peel and stick and the wall is set.

Our scallops' boarder vinyl stencil packs come in 3 sizes. So you can find the perfect size for your walls. All stencils are 50 cm in length. Please see images for each size's measurements.

Wall painting boarder stencils can be removed without damaging walls & leaving residue. We recommend leaving freshly painted walls at least 3–4 weeks, for the paint to fully outgas, before applying our vinyl stencils.

Printed onto water-resistant, premium matte vinyl.


- Use a spirit level and pencil, to draw the horizontal line where the straight part of the vinyl will stick to. This will give you a nice even line across the all, and allow you to apply vinyl straight.
- We recommend painting down from the vinyl boarders. This can prevent paint getting underneath.
- Press corners and edges of the vinyl down firmly.
- Leave fresh painted walls at least 3-4 weeks (IMPORTANT). If you apply vinyl to walls which aren't completely dry, this may cause peeling and damaging of under paint.
- Remove boarder stencil vinyl when the paint is fully dry to touch.


Can Your Wall Stickers Be Removed?

Our wall stickers can be removed easily, without damaging the walls and leaving residue. We recommend using a hair dryer, whilst peeling away slowly of the wall sticker. This will allow it to be removed easier.

Can I Move My Wall Sticker?

Our wall stickers aren't designed to be removed. The smaller wall
stickers, such as polka dots, can be removed and applied in another spot, but please remember, this will affect the adhesive strength on the back
of the wall sticker. This may cause the wall stickers to fall off quicker, and will make them less effective.

We do not
recommend moving wall stickers, especially in children's bedrooms and nursery rooms, where this can be a choking hazard. When applied normally, our wall stickers are extremely hard to be removed by children, and are very safe on the walls.

I've just painted my walls. Can I apply my wall stickers straight away?

Wall stickers WILL NOT stick properly to freshly painted walls. We advise you to wait a minimum of 5-6 weeks after
painting. This ensures the paint is fully dry. Although paint may feel
dry to touch, it actually takes at least 6-8 weeks to fully dry, outgas, and all the paint toxins underneath to release from under the dry surface paint. If wall stickers are applied to freshly painted walls, before waiting the minimum of 5-6 weeks, then the stickers will most certainly peel and bubble, losing their adhesive and effectiveness.

How long do your wall stickers last?

wall stickers are made from the highest quality, premium vinyl. You can expect interior life of 5-7 years guaranteed and exterior 3-5 years. You must ensure the wall is cleaned with a damp cloth before applying your wall sticker. Wall stickers adhere best to smooth and flat surfaces.

Do Wall Stickers Stick To All Paint Types?

When you apply wall stickers to walls, please be aware that they will stick best when the wall has been painted with normal matt emulsion. Some glossy / silk paints, or "special effect" paints, for example, light reflecting paints, can be more difficult to apply wall stickers to because of their chemical properties. Wall stickers may peel
when applying to glossy/silk paints. If this happens, we recommend using spray adhesive, to help them stick better.

How Do I Apply My Wall sticker?

Please click here, to read full wall sticker application instructions.

What Do Your Wall Decals Stick To?

Our wall stickers are designed to be stuck to any clean, dry and flat
surface e.g. glass, tiles, furniture, mirrors, doors - and last but not
Our stickers can be applied on top of wallpaper, and any other card / paper based products, but in these situations please note that the stickers may not be cleanly removable.

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