Collection: Tile Stickers UK For Kitchen & Bathroom | Wall & Floor

Tile stickers for kitchens, bathrooms, walls and furniture. Our amazing tile sticker packs can transform your walls within minutes. Simply peel and stick to apply our bathroom tiles stickers and kitchen tile stickers. Great for overlaying old and dated tiles, without breaking the bank replacing them and removing the old ones. We offer 2 types of vinyl. Standard vinyl tile stickers for general covering of wall tiles and a quick fix to transforming your tiles. Our floor tile stickers are perfect for...floors! They are much thicker, durable and offer a slip resistant and hard-wearing print which is water-resistant as well. They have a slight textured feel to them. Ideal for bathroom and kitchen floor tiles.

Our tile stickers come in multiple sizes to suit your needs, with many tile stickers designs to choose from. From grey mosaic tile stickers, to Italian and classic tiles. You can be sure to find the perfect bathroom tile stickers and kitchen tile stickers for your home. All our tile stickers can be removed safely. Applying heat from a hairdrier can allow them to be removed more easily. Our tile stickers feature a stronghold and heat-resistant adhesive, up to 70 degrees +.

Our stunning tile stickers for kitchens and tile stickers for bathrooms can transform your old tiles in minutes. No mess, no smashing out tiles and replacing, no big money replacement bills. The results are spectacular and so cost-effective.

Bathroom and kitchen tile stickers can be cut down to size. So, when you get to edges and grooves, you can simply cut with scissors or a sharp blade and then apply over your tiles and onto your walls, to create the perfect look. Going around plug sockets with our tile stickers is easy as well - just cut and stick! So, what are you waiting for?! Check out our amazing range of tile stickers UK below and get transforming your tiles, kitchens & bathrooms today.

tile stickers for kitchen and bathroom