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Boho/Scandi Wall Stickers

Vinyl Furniture Wraps

Transform Your Rooms..Fast!

Peel & stick wall stickers are easy to apply, removable & affordable. Transform rooms within minutes. No need to repaint, redecorate or wallpaper. Just peel & stick...done!

Transform Your Rooms Now

Window Privacy Films

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Welcome To Quote My Wall

The number 1 shop for all things' vinyl! Best for wall stickers UK, quotes for walls, nursery wall stickers, Vinyl wraps for furniture, window privacy films, tile stickers for bathroom and kitchen, prints for home, as well as prints for nursery & children's bedrooms. We have huge a range of designs for you to choose from across all our vinyl and print products.

We pride ourselves as being the number one go to shop for wall stickers UK, prints and vinyl wraps for furniture and windows. Furthermore, we are sure you'll find your perfect vinyl wall decal on our shop, if not, simply contact us, as we are more than happy to cater for personalised wall stickers design & furniture upcycling projects. Or you can design your own wall sticker.

Our vinyl is made from only the highest and premium quality, ensuring all our wall art lasts at least 5 years interior and 3 years exterior. With wall stickers being a much cheaper alternative to wallpaper and
re-designing a whole room, it's no wonder their demand and popularity is increasing! As well as furniture upcycling, using our stunning vinyl wraps, you can find the perfect wrap to transform your old furniture, and bring it back to life!

Thanks for checking out our store, and if you require a custom print design, please contact us, and we'll be happy to
help! - Quote My Wall