Collection: Window Privacy Films

Window privacy films, frosted glass stickers and window clings UK. We are the number one shop for glass window privacy films. We stock many designs, from white prints on clear window clings, to stained-glass window and decorative designs on frosted/etched glass films.

Window privacy films, UK, are the perfect way to give your home and office some privacy, whilst still allowing light to pass through. We all have windows in our homes, where people can look in, walkers passing can glare right through glass front doorways and front windows, and see right into our homes. Window glass privacy films are perfect for adding a touch of class, design and fun to your windows, and having many great benefits.

From limiting harmful UV rays, maintaining privacy and adding excitement to your home and office. You can be sure to find the perfect design for your windows. Check out our different types of window privacy films we offer:

Frosted Window Films

Our frosted window films are great for giving off that "etched effect". The privacy film has a slightly rough texture and looks cloudy in appearance. Frosted window privacy films allow a good amount of light to pass through a room, and almost completely limit people looking through the glass - giving high levels of privacy. We usually print white prints on our frosted window films, using new UV print technology. All prints are crisp, scratch-resistant and water-resistant. We offer both plain frosted window privacy films and printed ones, with beautiful designs for you to select from.

Clear Window Clings

Our clear window clings are more suitable for allowing more light in, and having see through gaps in-between the prints. They still offer a great amount of privacy, for people passing by, but up close, you'll be able to see though small gaps. Window privacy clings are perfect for people wanting to allow good amounts of light through, and still having a level of privacy. Our window clings are easy to apply, removable and can be reused over and over again. They look fantastic with sunlight passing through, and producing patterned light effects on adjacent walls. We offer both "etched effect" prints, where white ink is printed onto the window cling, giving it an etched/frosted window look. We

Decorative Window Films

Our decorative window films, are

window privacy films