About Us

 The Beginning - 2016

After running a graphic and web design company in my spare time, I wanted to get into something more creative. I then stumbled across wall stickers/decals.

I instantly loved them, as they are a great, cost-effective and fantastic way to bring a room to life! I applied my extensive graphic design knowledge into designing ideas for them, and things started from there.

Furthermore, I started creating more simple designs, and then started selling them on my own website. Sales started slowly, but then picked up well. After my wall sticker designs started selling more and more, I realised I required a higher quality vinyl cutter, to keep up with the demand of wall sticker cuts. After saving, I purchased a top of the range vinyl cutter, which was capable of cutting 2x the speed as my old one, and was an absolute dream to use! I was able to produce all my beautiful wall sticker designs quicker, and with better cutting precision, meaning the cuts were cleaner and no jagged edges at all.

Established Vinyl Business - 2020

Fast-forward 4 years, and Quote My Wall had grown substantially, being recognised as one of the leading companies in the wall sticker industry. Quote My Wall had become an LTD company to "Quote My Wall LTD", and we were 100's of wall stickers each week, shipping them all over the World!

The growth and popularity of our products had been amazing, and we loved all the positive reviews the business receives from our customers, complementing the high-quality wall stickers, with great customer service. We purchased our 2nd UV printing machine, as well as a new HP Latex printer, for our vinyl wraps for furniture. With both these machines, and the upgrade from our BN20 solvent printer, to a UV printer, meant that our wall sticker print quality was 3-4x more crisp, with much more vibrant colours.

We also brought out our vinyl wrap range, allowing customers to transform their old, plain and furniture they wanted to upcycle, into something completely new, with beautiful patterns and styles to bring their furniture to life, and give them a new lease of life, as well!

We proudly featured on BBC's "Sort Your Life Out". This was a big moment for our business, as our vinyl wraps and stickers were used on multiple of the episodes, helping transform people's homes.

More Products, Staff & New Printers! - 2023

In 2023, we grew even more! We hired 2 members of staff, to help package orders, and keep up with general business running duties, as the business grew. We purchased another printer - LG540, which is the newest Roland printers, the "Rolls-Royce" of UV printers. It was lighting fast, which allowed us to keep up with demand.

As well as new staff and printers, we also released more products since 2022. Tile stickers, window films and custom labels, which are a great hit with all our customers!


Established Vinyl Business - 2023

In 2023, we had some great business growth, from being contacted to sell our products on the invite only Amazon Vendor programme. Amazon noticed us being a key seller in the vinyl and wall sticker industry, and we agreed a deal for them to buy our products at trade price in bulk. We also featured in The Sun, with an article based on how I grew the business from nothing, to what it is today - Anything is possible, with hard work, I have always said!

We have also started to bring in a new range of clothing labels, which are perfect for school kids to identify their clothes, pencil cases, belongings and more. This is something we are working very hard on!

We have also grown our vinyl wrap range, to over 1200! The biggest range of furniture wraps in the UK! As well as new wraps, in 2024, we plan to start selling more colour wall stickers, educational wall stickers, and wall stickers for kids, as this is a range which we need to grow and improve.

Thank You To All Our Fantastic Customers! We are working to keep introducing new products, and helping people decorate their homes, without the big price tags!

 Quote My Wall LTD - 1 Palmeira Road, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 4UU. Company number 11820602. VAT Number: GB344771192

So what are wall stickers, you ask? Wall stickers are simply amazing, that's what they are! Wall stickers are a simple and modern way to transform any room. A wall decal/wall sticker is a thin self-adhesive vinyl layer, available in many colour options, plotted and cut by special cutting machinery into numerous different designs. Wall stickers, when applied to your wall or any smooth flat surface, look like they are part of your existing wallpaper or wall. This allows them to look incredible as they simply blend into your existing wall or the surface you apply them to!

Wall art stickers can also be applied to glass, tiles, plastic, wood, wardrobes, vehicles and anything else smooth and flat you can think of. All our wall stickers are made to order right here in the UK. Here at Quote My Wall, we produce all our wall stickers from the highest quality branded vinyl.

I'm certain you'll find the perfect wall sticker or printed gift for you. If not please contact me, and I'll be more than happy to help produce a design and gift you will love! Thanks so much for visiting