About Us


After running a graphic and web design company in my spare time, I wanted to get into something more creative. I then stumbled across wall stickers/decals.

I instantly loved them, as they are a great, cost effective and fantastic way to bring a room to life! I applied my extensive graphic design knowledge into designing ideas for them and other printed gifts.

I started creating more simple designs, and then started selling them on my own website. Sales started slowly, but then picked up well. I managed to purchase a very good quality cutting machine, as well as sourcing the highest quality vinyl on the market.

So what are wall decals you ask? Wall stickers are simply amazing, that's what they are! Wall stickers are an amazing modern way to transform any room. A wall decal/wall sticker is a thin self adhesive vinyl layer, available in many colour options, plotted and cut by special cutting machinery into numerous different designs. Wall art stickers when applied to your wall or any smooth flat surface, look like they are part of your existing wallpaper or wall. This allows them to look incredible as they simply blend in to your existing wall or the surface you apply them to!

Wall art stickers can also be applied to glass, tiles, plastic, wood, wardrobes, vehicles and anything else smooth and flat you can think of. All our wall stickers are made to order right here in the UK. Here at Quote My Wall, we produce all our wall stickers from the highest quality branded vinyl.

As well as producing many wall stickers, I also design beautiful printed gift ideas. These range from mug prints and phone cases, to clothing prints and unique printed gifts. I'm constantly drawing up and brain storming new amazing ideas for all my designs. My number one priority is to continue producing a huge selection of eye catching designs, and keeping my customers extremely happy and coming back. My other website selling printed clothing and gifts can be found here: quotemygift.co.uk

I'm certain you'll find the perfect wall sticker or printed gift for you. If not please contact me, and I'll be more than happy to help produce a design and gift you will love!