How To Apply A Vinyl Wrap

To apply your vinyl furniture wrap, please follow the steps below. Vinyl wraps only stick to smooth surfaces. They will not adhere to fabric or bumpy and uneven surfaces.

1. Clean the surface

You will need to wipe the surface you want to apply the vinyl wrap to. The best way to do this, is with a light spray of water or cleaning product. Then wipe with a damp cloth. Go over the surface with a dry cloth or towel, and make sure the surface is fully dry before applying your vinyl furniture wrap.

clean surface

2. Measure the surface

Next, measure the surface you want to apply the vinyl wrap to. You'll want to add at least 3 cm to each side, to allow for over cutting and in case you apply the vinyl at a slight angle.

measure vinyl wrap surface

3. Cut the vinyl wrap to size

Use a pair of scissors of a sharp blade, and cut the vinyl in a straight line. Use a ruler to make the vinyl for the cut lines before cutting, to allow you to cut a straight edge on each of the sides of the vinyl wrap.

cut the vinyl wrap

4. Peel back one edge of the vinyl

Peel back one side of the vinyl. Tuck the backing paper underneath back on itself and crease back. This should leave the sticky side of one part exposed, ready to apply onto the furniture.

peel back one vinyl wrap edge

5. Stick down the vinyl wrap to the edge of the surface

Stick down the peeled edge of the vinyl to the surface. Make sure it is aligned and straight. This allows the vinyl to be applied in a straight line down the furniture. Marry up the edges to the edge of the surface. You can overhang it by a few cm if you wish, and then later cut back this excess. But if you have a straight line, it's best to match this part up straight.

Stick down vinyl wrap

6. Squeegee and apply the vinyl wrap

Use one hand to squeegee the vinyl onto the surface. You can use a card, or folded cardboard or anything rigid and flat. Then use the other hand to pull away the backing paper underneath. As you go along, continue to squeegee the vinyl wrap onto the furniture, and slowly peeling back the backing paper behind. As you go along, the vinyl furniture wrap will apply to the surface.

squeegee vinyl wrap

7. Smooth out air bubbles

Smooth out any air bubbles as you go along, as this will save you doing it at the end. Our premium vinyl wraps are designed with easy air escape features. This allows air bubbles to easily escape, and will prevent the vinyl from creasing during application.

smooth out bubbles

8. Cut excess vinyl with a sharp blade

Carefully using a sharp blade, cut away any excess vinyl around the edges. This will then cut the vinyl to perfectly fit the furniture surface.

cut excess vinyl


Done! That's all! You'll have a stunning new look to your furniture. A great way to upcycle your tables, cupboards, table tops, worktops, splashbacks and more.

Apply this application principle to all types of furniture. Take your time and the results will be stunning. Have a look at the link below for a quick video tutorial of the vinyl furniture wrap application in action.