Collection: Rainbow Wall Stickers

Rainbow wall stickers, perfect wall stickers for children and kids bedrooms. Our rainbow wall art stickers are made from premium vinyl, built with quality and to last. Bring some magic into your rooms with our selection of rainbow wall sticker decals.

We have many rainbow wall stickers designs available. From full colour designs, showing off multiple stunning colours, to solied single coloured rainbows, for a more modern and simplistic look. Rainbow stickers for walls are perfect for childrens bedrooms and nursery rooms. They bring a beautiful selection of colours and are great for feature walls and really bringing rooms to life.

Children love rainbows, they grab attention and the multiple colours are magical! Rainbow wall stickers for girls bedrooms are very popular with our customers. We showcase a great range of varied designs from Scandinavian theme to the classic rainbow shapes and rainbows with stars, clouds and extra design elements. We also have customised designs, allowing you to add a personalised name of your choice to really make the rainbow wall decal unique to the rooms they are going in.

Find your perfect rainbow wall stickers below. All our products can be safely removed from the walls, without damaging the wall or leaving residue. Only premium vinyl brands are used here at QuoteMyWall.

Rainbow Wall Stickers