Stick-On Name Labels For Shoes

Stick-on shoe labels are a game-changer for parents looking to keep their child's footwear organised and easily identifiable. These durable, waterproof labels adhere securely to the inside of shoes, withstanding the wear and tear of active kids. Personalised with your child's name, stick-on shoe labels help prevent mix-ups and lost shoes at school, daycare, or sports activities. Their robust adhesive ensures that the labels stay put, even after multiple washes and extensive use.

Easy to apply and available in a variety of fun designs and colours, these personalised name labels make it simple for kids to recognise their own shoes, fostering independence and reducing confusion. Additionally, the high-quality materials used in stick-on shoe labels are designed to be gentle on skin, avoiding irritation.

With stick-on shoe labels, you can ensure your child's footwear stays in the right hands, simplifying your daily routines, reducing lost property, and providing peace of mind.

Best Clothes Labels For Kids

stick on clothes labels for kids

Easy-To-Use Stick-On Clothing Labels For Kids

Just peel and stick our clothing labels for kids onto your kids/children's clothing care labels. Can be used for many items, such as: pencil cases, lunch box name labels, stationery, school bags, school uniform, water bottle name labels and many more.

  • dishwasher safe clothing labels

    Dishwasher Safe Clothes Labels For Kids

    You can put our clothes labels for kids in the dishwasher, and the labels will stay stuck. Perfect for use on cutlery, bowls, plates and water bottles, which can be put in the dishwasher. Thanks to the ultra sticky adhesive on the clothing labels, they are build to last!

  • washing machine and tumble drier clothing labels

    Waterproof, Washing Machine & Tumble Drier Safe

    Our clothes labels for kids are fully waterproof. So they can be put on clothes labels and washed, in the washing machine completely fine. Our labels are built to last, wash after wash. Clothes Labels for kids are safe to be put in the tumble drier, at a max recommended heat of 60 degrees.

  • microwave safe clothing labels

    Microwave Safe Clothes Labels

    Quote My Wall's clothing labels are safe to be put in the microwave.

Clothes Label Tags For Kids Clothes FAQ

Do Your Name Labels For Kids Clothes Last Long?

Yes! Our stick-on care home labels are built to last. Typically, they last at least 30-40 washes. Once they start showing signs of peeling, simply remove with force, and apply a new clothing name label.

Can Your Clothing Labels Be Washed Ok?

Yes, our stick-on clothing name labels can be washed at 60°.

Are Your Stick-On Labels Waterproof?

Yes, they are! Our clothing name labels are waterproof. So they are safe to be applied to water bottles, cutterly etc and can be washed or put in the dishwasher. Clothing labels can be put in the washing machine, completely fine as well.

Can Your Kids Name Tags Be Put In The Washing Machine?

Yes, they are safe to be put in the washing machine. Our kids clothing labels can be washed on hot and cold washes, and stay stuck on the tags! Please, do not wash above 60°.

Are The Clothing Name Tags Tumble Drier Safe?

Yes, they are. Clothing labels can be used in the tumble drier, on a low heat of 60°.

Can The Stick On Labels Be Put In The Dishwasher?

Yes. Our clothing name labels can be put in the dishwasher fine.

How Sticky Are Your Name Tag Labels?

Our clothing name labels are VERY sticky! We use the best quality, high tack adhesive labels, to ensure they stay stuck onto most surfaces and materials they are applied to.

Can The Labels Be Put In The Microwave?

Yes. Our labels are designed to withstand microwave use. They are safe to use in the microwave.

How Do I remove The Clothing Labels?

If you need to remove our name tag labels from your clothes, we recommend using a hair drier, to apply direct heat. Then one you turn off the hair drier, slowly peel the corner of the clothing label, and it should peel off fine. Please ensure you apply heat in steps, to prevent you burning yourself.

Never Lose Your Children's Items Again

Our labels for clothes are the perfect solution for keeping your child's wardrobe organised and easily identifiable. These high-quality clothing label tags are designed to withstand the rigors of daily wear and multiple washes, ensuring they remain securely attached to all types of garments.

Whether it's for school uniforms, sports gear, or everyday outfits, our labels for clothing are incredibly easy to apply, providing a hassle-free way to ensure your child's belongings are always clearly marked. Simply peel and stick the labels onto any fabric, and they'll stay put, even through the rough and tumble of a child's day. With vibrant colors and customisable options, our labels not only serve a practical purpose but also add a fun, personal touch to your child's clothing. Plus, our labels for clothes are made from non-toxic materials, making them safe for children of all ages.

Choose our durable and convenient labels to keep track of your child's clothes, reduce lost items, and ensure everything finds its way back home.