Stick-On Care Home Labels

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Easy To Use Care Home Labels

Our care home labels, are designed to be simple, clear and easy to use. Simply peel and stick our stick-on care home labels. Labels are perfect for all aspects of identifying items and clothing for people in care homes. Can be applied to clothing labels, bottles, books and all belongings. Equipped with ultra sticky adhesive, these will stay stuck. Quote My Wall's name labels for care homes, are the perfect way to label clothes and items in no time.

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Nursing Home Clothing Labels You Can Trust!

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Stick-On Clothing Labels For Care & Nursing Homes

Stick-On Care Home Name Labels

Our easy to use care home labels are the quickest way to label up your loved ones clothing for their nursing homes. Adding name tag labels to care home clothing and personal items, is usually a necessity now, within many nursing care homes. Our stick on care home labels are the perfect method, to labelling up all belongings, clothing items, footwear and more. As our labels are stick on, this takes out the hassle of many traditional clothing labels, which need to be iron on. Iron on clothing labels, takes time, precision, and if you get it wrong, crease a label upon application or don't have the correct heat settings, this could cause an inconvenience, removing the label and then applying a new clothing label.

With Quote My Wall's stick-on clothing name labels for care homes, you can be sure to have hassle free application of name tags, time and time again. Simply peel the label from the backing paper, and apply to the clothing care label. Press firmly over the clothing label, and leave for at least 24 hours, before wearing the clothing or washing the clothing. This ensures the care home label sticks firmly to the label.

dishwasher safe clothing labels

Dishwasher Safe Care Home Labels

Our care home labels are all dishwasher friendly/safe/ Perfect for applying onto any nursing home belongings which can be put in the dishwasher, such as: Water bottles, lunch boxes, glasses and cuttlery etc.

washing machine and tumble drier clothing labels

Washing Machine/Tumble Drier Safe

Nursing home labels are safe to be fully washed, in the washing machine at a max recommended heat of 60°. Can also be tumble dried at 60°. Wash and dry your clothes, with peace of mind our clothing labels will stack stuck!

microwave safe clothing labels

Microwave Safe

Our stick on name label tags, are perfectly fine and safe, to be used on items in the microwave.

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care home labels

Care Home Name Labels

Our care home name labels are perfect for all care home clients... 

stick on nursing home labels

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Care Home Label FAQ


Do Your Care Home Labels Last?

Yes! Our stick-on care home labels are built to last. Typically, they last at least 30-40 washes. Once they start showing signs of peeling, simply remove with force, and apply a new clothing name label.

Can Your Stick-On Labels Be Washed?

Yes, our stick-on clothing name labels can be washed at 60°.

Are Your Clothing Labels Waterproof?

Yes, they are! Our clothing name labels are waterproof. So they are safe to be applied to water bottles, cutterly etc and can be washed or put in the dishwasher. Clothing labels can be put in the washing machine, completely fine as well.

Are Your Labels Washing Machine Safe?

Yes, they are. Our care home labels can be washed on hot and cold washes, and stay stuck on the tags! Please, do not wash above 60°.

Are The Stick On Name Labels Tumble Drier Safe?

Yes, they are. Clothing labels can be used in the tumble drier, on a low heat of 60°.

Can I Put Your Labels In The Dishwasher

Yes. Our clothing name labels can be put in the dishwasher fine.

How Sticky Are Your Clothing Labels?

Our clothing name labels are VERY sticky! We use the best quality, high tack adhesive labels, to ensure they stay stuck onto most surfaces and materials they are applied to.

Can I Put The Labels In The Microwave?

Yes. Our labels are designed to withstand microwave use. They are safe to use in the microwave.

How To Get Name Labels Off Clothes?

If you need to remove our name tag labels from your clothes, we recommend using a hair drier, to apply direct heat. Then one you turn off the hair drier, slowly peel the corner of the clothing label, and it should peel off fine. Please ensure you apply heat in steps, to prevent you burning yourself.