How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

COVID-19 is causing long delays.

As we're based in London, UK, people from the UK can expect their order within 1-3 days of placing their order.

Anywhere outside the UK generally takes 25-30 working days, however some instances it can take longer, so please hang in there!

COVID-19 is delaying orders substantially. Adding on 2-3 weeks on international orders. Thanks for your patience and stay safe.


Can Your Wall Stickers Be Removed?

Our wall stickers are made from high quality, premium vinyl. We don't use cheap vinyl here, which will rip your walls! Our wall stickers can be removed easily, without damaging the walls and leaving residue. We recommend using a hair dryer, whilst peeling away slowly of the wall sticker. This will allow it to be removed more easier.

Can I Move My Wall Sticker?

Our wall stickers aren't designed to be removed. The smaller wall stickers, such as polka dots can be removed and applied in another spot, but please remember, this will effect the adhesive strength on the back of the wall sticker. This may cause the wall stickers to fall off quicker, and will make them less effective.

We do not recommend moving wall stickers, espeically in children's bedrooms and nursery rooms where this can be a choking hazard. When applied normally, our wall stickers are extremely hard to be removed by children, and are very safe on the walls.

I've just painted my walls. Can I apply my wall stickers straight away?

Wall stickers WILL NOT stick properly to freshly painted walls. We advise you to wait a minimum of 5-6 weeks after painting. This ensures the paint is fully dry. Although paint may feel dry to touch, it actually takes at least 6-8 weeks to fully dry, outgas, and all the paint toxins underneath to release from under the dry surface paint. If wall stickers are applied to freshly painted walls, before waiting the minimum of 5-6 weeks, then the stickers will most certainly peel and bubble, losing their adhesive and effectiveness.

Do you offer custom and personalised orders?

Yes we do! Infact, designing personalised wall stickers is our speciality! If you can't see a decal you like and would like one made from scratch, then please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help. We will help assist you from design, right until the finished product, making sure you're 100% satisfied with your custom wall sticker. We have some pre-set custom name wall stickers available on our store. Check out our personalised wall stickers here.


Do you offer wholesale availability on your wall stickers?

We offer wholesale discounts on our wall stickers. If you are planning to order 10 or more or the same item, then please contact us for a quotation.

Wall sticker sizing details

Each of our wall sticker designs vary in size options. If you require a wall sticker in a specific size, then please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

How long do your wall stickers last?

Our wall stickers are made from the highest quality, premium vinyl. You can expect interior life of 5-7 years guaranteed and exterior 3-5 years. You must ensure the wall is cleaned with a damp cloth before applying your wall sticker. Wall stickers adhere best to smooth and flat surfaces. If you notice wall stickers peeling, especially in nursery rooms, remove immediately.

Do Wall Stickers Stick To All Paint Types?

When you apply wall stickers to walls, please be aware that they will stick best when the wall has been painted with normal matt emulsion. Some of the glossy / silk paints, or "special effect" paints, for example, light reflecting paints, can be more difficult to apply wall stickers to because of their chemical properties. Wall stickers may peel when applying to glossy/silk paints. If this happens, we recommend using spray adhesive, to help them stick better.

Are Wall Stickers Safe For Nursery Rooms?

Our wall stickers have a strong adhesive, so usually stick very well to walls, and need to be picked at and have heat applied for an easier removal. If you intend to use in nursery rooms, although our stickers will be very hard to remove for babies and infants, we recommend sticking them away from reach if possible. We recommend this for children under 3. If wall stickers start peeling, we strongly advise you to remove them immediately. Our wall stickers are all produced and printed using green guard safe inks which do not release any harmful toxins. They have been tested by all appropriate health and safety departments, to ensure no harmful outgases are produced.


How Do I Apply My Wall sticker?

STEP 1 - Lay out the sticker on a flat surface and swipe over the wall sticker with a credit card, squeegee or anything flat.

2 - Carefully begin to remove the vinyl backing paper (white back paper). The front of the wall sticker should now be stuck to the application sheet (see through material). If required, repeat step 1 if certain parts of the decal are not being removed. Some letters/items don't always peel off. If all fails these items can be applied separately at the end, by peeling and sticking.

3 - Position your wall sticker onto the wall or surface you've chosen, once you're happy, rub over the wall sticker again using a squeegee.

4 - Finally, very slowly peel away the application sheet (clear sheet). Your wall decal sticker should be applied

What Do Your Wall Decals Stick To?

Our wall stickers are designed to be stuck to any clean, dry and flat surface e.g. glass, tiles, furniture, mirrors, doors - and last but not least....walls!

When applying wall stickers to your walls, please bes aware, they will stick down best when the wall has been painted with normal matt emulsion. Some glossy / silk paints, or 'special effect' paints (e.g. light reflecting paints) can be more of a challenge to apply wall stickers to because of their chemical properties.

Our stickers can be applied on top of wallpaper, and any other card / paper based products, but in these situations please note that the stickers may not be cleanly removable.


Page updated 04/07/2020