How To Apply A Wall Sticker

How Do I Apply My Wall sticker?

Read our wall sticker application guide below.

Wall stickers WILL NOT stick properly to freshly painted walls. We advise you to wait a minimum of 5-6 weeks after painting. This ensures the paint is fully dry. Although paint may feel dry to touch, it actually takes at least 6-8 weeks to fully dry, outgas, and all the paint toxins underneath to release from under the dry surface paint. If wall stickers are applied to freshly painted walls, before waiting the minimum of 5-6 weeks, then the stickers will most certainly peel and bubble, losing their adhesive and effectiveness.

STEP 1 - Lay out the sticker on a flat surface and swipe over the wall sticker with a credit card, squeegee or anything flat. This ensures the application tape (masking tape like material), pulls the actual vinyl up when removed.

2 - Carefully begin to remove the vinyl backing paper (white back paper). The front of the wall sticker should now be stuck to the application sheet (masking tape). If required, repeat step 1 if certain parts of the wall sticker are not being removed. Some letters/items don't always peel off. If all fails these items can be applied separately at the end, by peeling and sticking.

3 - Position the wall sticker where you wish for it to go. If it's a small wall sticker, under 30 cm in width or height, then you can peel the whole sticker back and apply and push straight onto the wall.

For larger wall stickers, you will need to create a "hinge point" using basic masking tape. Apply the hinge in the middle of the wall sticker, onto the wall where you would like for it to go. Then apply a few more bits of masking tape to hold the corners. Remove one of the corner masking tape parts, then peel away the backing paper (white material) from the back of the wall sticker.

4 - Peel it back, so that the wall sticker sticks to the application tape. Use scissors to cut away the leftover backing paper (white paper). You can throw this away as it is no longer needed. Then push down on the application tape, pressing the wall sticker onto the wall. Use a squeegee to press down on all the wall sticker.

5 - Repeat the same steps for the other side of the wall sticker, until it's fully pressed onto the wall/surface.

6 - Finally, very slowly peel away the application sheet (masking sheet). Your wall decal sticker should be applied to the wall. If there are any bubble or uplifts of the wall sticker vinyl, press down with your fingers so that the wall sticker is fully applied to the wall. That's it! Enjoy your lovely new wall sticker!


Page updated: 14/3/2020How to apply a wall sticker