Name Labels For Water Bottles

name labels for water bottles

Peel & Stick Water Bottle Personalised Name Labels

Name stickers for water bottles provide a practical and stylish solution for keeping personal items organised and easily identifiable. These customizable water bottle labels ensure that your bottles don’t get mixed up, whether at school, during sports events, or in the workplace.

Crafted from high-quality, waterproof materials, these water bottle labels are built to endure regular washing and daily use. Water bottle name labels can be used in the dishwasher & are microwave safe as well.

With a wide range of designs, colors, and fonts available, you can create personalized name stickers that showcase your unique style or brand. These labels are not only easy to apply but also exceptionally durable, standing up to the rigors of everyday life. By using these water bottle labels, you can prevent loss and mix-ups, making them an indispensable accessory for anyone who needs their belongings clearly marked and easy to identify.

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Perfect Name Labels For Bottles, Clothing & More!

Name Labels For Bottles Benefits

Name labels for bottles offer numerous benefits, making them an essential accessory for a variety of situations. Here are some key advantages:

1. Prevent Mix-Ups
Name labels ensure that bottles are easily identifiable, preventing mix-ups at schools, day care centres, workplaces, or during events. This is especially useful in environments where multiple people have similar bottles.

2. Durability
High-quality name labels are designed to be waterproof and withstand regular washing. This means they remain intact and legible even after repeated use and cleaning, whether by hand or in the dishwasher.

3. Customization
With a wide range of colors, designs, and fonts available, you can personalize name labels to reflect your style or brand. Customization options make it easy to create unique and attractive labels for your bottles.

4. Hygiene
Using name labels helps maintain hygiene by ensuring that each person uses their own bottle. This reduces the risk of spreading germs, particularly in settings like schools, sports teams, and offices.

5. Convenience
Name labels are easy to apply and remove, providing a hassle-free solution for labeling bottles. They can be quickly adhered to surfaces and stay in place without the need for additional adhesives or equipment.

6. Organization
Labels help keep personal belongings organized, making it easier to find and manage items. This is particularly beneficial in busy households, classrooms, or communal spaces where multiple items are stored together.

7. Cost-Effective
Investing in name labels is a cost-effective way to keep track of personal items. By preventing loss and reducing the need to replace misplaced bottles, these labels save money in the long run.

8. Versatility
Name labels can be used on a variety of bottles, including water bottles, baby bottles, sports bottles, and thermoses. Their versatility makes them suitable for different types of containers and purposes.

9. Enhanced Branding
For businesses, custom name labels can enhance branding by displaying logos and brand colors. This adds a professional touch and promotes brand recognition when bottles are used in public settings.

10. Sustainability
By clearly marking bottles with durable labels, you encourage reuse rather than disposal. This promotes sustainability by reducing waste and encouraging the use of reusable bottles.

Name labels for bottles are a simple yet effective tool for ensuring that personal items are clearly marked, organized, and easily identifiable. They provide a range of benefits from preventing mix-ups to promoting hygiene and sustainability, making them a valuable addition to any setting.

dishwasher safe clothing labels

Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle Name Stickers

Our stick-on name labels for water bottles and items/clothing are designed to be dishwasher-safe, making them perfect for labelling nursing home belongings that frequently need washing. Ideal for items such as water bottles, lunch boxes, glasses, and cutlery, these durable labels ensure that personal items remain clearly marked and easily identifiable, even after multiple dishwasher cycles.

washing machine and tumble drier clothing labels

Washing Machine/Tumble Drier Safe

Our personalised name tag labels are designed to withstand rigorous washing, remaining securely attached even when laundered in the washing machine at temperatures up to 60°C. They can also be safely tumble dried at the same temperature. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your clothes can be washed and dried without worrying about labels peeling off or fading. Our durable clothing labels ensure your garments stay properly marked through every wash and dry cycle.

microwave safe clothing labels

Microwave Safe

Our stick on name label tags, are perfectly fine and safe, to be used on items in the microwave.

Name Stickers For Water Bottles

Name Stickers For Water Bottles

Name stickers for water bottles offer a practical and stylish solution for... 

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Water Bottle Label FAQ


Do Your Water Bottle Labels Last?

Yes! Our stick-on water bottle labels are built to last. Typically, they last at least 30-40 washes. Once they start showing signs of peeling, simply remove with force, and apply a new clothing name label.

Can Your Stick-On Labels Be Washed?

Yes, our stick-on clothing name labels can be washed at 60°.

Are Your Clothing Labels Waterproof?

Yes, they are! Our clothing name garment labels are waterproof. So they are safe to be applied to water bottles, cutlery etc and can be washed or put in the dishwasher. Clothing labels can be put in the washing machine, completely fine as well.

Are Your Labels Washing Machine Safe?

Yes, they are. Our care home labels can be washed on hot and cold washes, and stay stuck on the tags! Please, do not wash above 60°.

Are The Stick On Name Labels Tumble Drier Safe?

Yes, they are. Clothing garment labels can be used in the tumble drier, on a low heat of 60°.

Can I Put Your Labels In The Dishwasher

Yes. Our clothing name labels can be put in the dishwasher fine.

How Sticky Are Your Clothing Labels?

Our clothing name labels are VERY sticky! We use the best quality, high tack adhesive labels, to ensure they stay stuck onto most surfaces and materials they are applied to.

Can I Put The Labels In The Microwave?

Yes. Our labels are designed to withstand microwave use. They are safe to use in the microwave.

How To Get Name Labels Off Clothes?

If you need to remove our name tag labels from your clothes, we recommend using a hair drier, to apply direct heat. Then one you turn off the hair drier, slowly peel the corner of the clothing label, and it should peel off fine. Please ensure you apply heat in steps, to prevent you burning yourself.