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Bold Arches Clear Window Privacy Film

Bold Arches Clear Window Privacy Film

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Beautiful window privacy films, frosted window effects and window clings. Our window privacy cling films are perfect for allowing light in, whilst maintaining privacy in your home and office. Our frosted glass films look amazing - giving your windows a complete new look, reducing harmful UV rays & giving you privacy in your home.

🪟 Removable, reusable...effective! Our window privacy films are easy to apply, can be removed with minimal effort and can be re-used. The easiest way to add some decoration and privacy to your windows.

ℹ️ If you would like this window privacy cling design on frosted vinyl, please click here: Frosted Privacy Films

✨ Window clings are printed onto a thin material, with no glue or adhesives. Window cling film prints are printed onto a clear/see through material.

✨ We use the latest UV printing technology to produce high quality, robust, scratch resistant & non-fading prints.

We offer our window privacy films in the following sizes:

45 cm x 100 cm, 45 cm x 150 cm, 45 cm x 200 cm, 45 cm x 300 cm, 30 cm x 100 cm, 30 cm x 150 cm, 30 cm x 200 cm, 30 cm x 300 cm, 90 cm x 100 cm, 90 cm x 150 cm, 90 cm x 200 cm, 90 cm x 300 cm.

Our window privacy cling films are easy to apply:

1. Simply measure your window & cut the privacy film 1-2 cm wider than the window.
2. Spray the window with soapy water for quick and bubble free application.
3. Remove the backing paper from the window cling.
4. Line up the top of the window cling with the top of the window & work the water behind to the edges. Then cut the excess window cling privacy film with a sharp blade.
5. Squeegee across and down the window cling, removing excess water and air bubbles.
6. Dry the surrounds of the window with a dry cloth, to dry the water escape...DONE!

🪟 Be sure to add our felt squeegee for easier application.

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