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Outer Space Rocket Planet & Star Wall Stickers

Outer Space Rocket Planet & Star Wall Stickers

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A stunning set of space style wall stickers. Includes a rocket, planets and 15 mixed size stars. Each come separately, allowing you to position them exactly how you like. Can be removed easily without leaving residue.

Sizes of items:

- 15 stars ranging from 3cm - 5.6cm
- 1 rocket measuring 23cm x 11.5cm
- 1 set of planets measuring 28cm x 19cm

- Available in 36 beautiful colour options
- Can be applied to most smooth flat surfaces (Walls, windows, cupboards, and many more!)
- Made from high quality premium waterproof matt vinyl/metallic vinyl
- Cut from pinpoint precision vinyl plotting machine
- Much cleaner, easier and cheaper than painting a room
- Handmade in Great Britain to order
- Interior life guaranteed 5-7 years, exterior 3-5 years
Please note wall art stickers colours may vary slightly depending on your monitor/device.

You will receive your order in a hardened envelope, to ensure protection of your wall stickers.

Image used is for display purposes only.

SKU - QMW114


Can Your Wall Stickers Be Removed?

Our wall stickers can be removed easily, without damaging the walls and leaving residue. We recommend using a hair dryer, whilst peeling away slowly of the wall sticker. This will allow it to be removed easier.

Can I Move My Wall Sticker?

Our wall stickers aren't designed to be removed. The smaller wall
stickers, such as polka dots, can be removed and applied in anothe