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Silver Moon & Stars Wall Stickers

Silver Moon & Stars Wall Stickers

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A set of large silver metallic moon and star wall stickers. Each pack contains 21 large silver stars in 3 different sizes, and a large silver moon shape. Use your imagination with these, they can be very effective. Look absolutely stunning in a nursery or a children's bedroom. Can also be used in your home, office, on your car etc.

Each pack contains the following -

★ 1 Large moon measuring 21cm x 27cm

★ 15 x 5cm width stars

★ 3 x 6.5cm width stars

★ 3 x 9cm width stars

For additional stars please visit add on listing:

★ Can be applied to most smooth flat surfaces (Walls, windows, cupboards, and many more!)

★ Made from the highest quality premium waterproof matt vinyl/metallic vinyl

★ Cut from top of the range, pinpoint precision vinyl plotting machine

★ Much cleaner, easier and cheaper than painting a room

★ Handmade in Great Britain to order

★ Interior life guaranteed 5-7 years, exterior 3-5 years


Can Your Wall Stickers Be Removed?

Our wall stickers can be removed easily, without damaging the walls and leaving residue. We recommend using a hair dryer, whilst peeling away slowly of the wall sticker. This will allow it to be removed easier.

Can I Move My Wall Sticker?

Our wall stickers aren't designed to be removed. The smaller wall
stickers, such as polka dots, can be removed and applied in another spot, but please remember, this will affect the adhesive strength on the back
of the wall sticker. This may cause the wall stickers to fall off quicker, and will make them less effective.

We do not
recommend moving wall stickers, especially in children's bedrooms and nursery rooms, where this can be a choking hazard. When applied normally, our wall stickers are extremely hard to be removed by children, and are very safe on the walls.

I've just painted my walls. Can I apply my wall stickers straight away?

Wall stickers WILL NOT stick properly to freshly painted walls. We advise you to wait a minimum o