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Wall Stickers Are The New Decor Trend

Wall art stickers are a modern  phase of décor choice, taking homes across the World by storm! But how  do they compare to other common and previous forms or décor such as  paintings and frames? In this article we will go over more traditional  forms of wall décor concentrating on paintings and picture frames, and  how they compare to the new décor item, the wall sticker. 


Walls have always been a part of the home where objects have been  placed on. This is because obviously you cannot walk on walls unless  you’re a superhero , and walls are always large areas of space in a home  where decorations can be easily applied to. The most traditional  objects to find on peoples walls in there homes are picture frames,  painting, mirrors, clocks, posters and other decorative items. Picture  frames and paintings  are in every home, lets face it, they’re great to  apply to your walls, whether they be a piece of art or a picture of the  family, they bring some great character to every house.


Paintings and picture frames come in all different styles, colours  and sizes, just like wall art stickers. Frames look good and can bring a  point of focus to a room, brighten it up or add some contrasting colour  to a wall or room. However in order to apply a frame or painting, a  fixing is required like a screw(s) or nail(s). This can cause a problem  when removing a picture frame or painting as the fixing will leave a  hole in the wall. Let’s be honest, things go out of fashion. It’s true,  fashion and style changes over years. It applies to clothes as it does  to home decor. This is one amazing benefit of wall art stickers. As well  as being inexpensive, they’re simple to remove without leaving a mark.  Sometimes they may leave a small residue outline, but this can be easily  removed using a cloth and a simple wipe. This compared to picture  frames and paintings shows how wall art stickers can be the better  option.

Wall Art Stickers & The Benefits

Wall art stickers have amazing benefits compared to the other  traditional methods of wall decor. For one, wall stickers can be removed  in a matter of minutes without leaving any holes or permanent marks  behind. This saves you the hassle of covering up the hole, like you  would be required to do with a painting or traditional picture frame.  Another huge benefit with wall art stickers is that the choices are  literally endless! Here at Quote My Wall, we are constantly adding new  awesome designs for you to choose from. We are professional graphic  designers, always on top of the latest interior decor trends, so you can  be sure to find an up to date, unique and professional design for your  walls. 


Another benefit of   is that they’re easy to apply as well! Besides, who wants to spend  hours applying something to their walls?! A wall art sticker can be  applied within minutes, if the instructions are followed correctly. This  allows you to get on with other things in your day rather than spending  hours applying a piece of wall decor!  

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