Stick On Vinyl Furniture Wraps Featured On BBC!

Stick On Vinyl Furniture Wraps Featured On BBC!

We are so excited to share that our vinyl furniture wraps were featured on BBC1 last night, on Stacey Solomon's show, Sort Your Life Out.

Our vinyl wraps, for furniture, were used to wrap the featured homes' chest of drawers. They used our blue wavey blue vinyl wrap, which looked spectacular on the final product!

Stacey Solomon's new series of Sort Your Life Out, helps people with cluttered homes, sort them out, throwing away any unused furniture, products and clothing, to give them a fresh start. As well as sorting the clutter out, they also revamp some of their rooms in a cost-effective way. Our stick on self-adhesive vinyl, was a perfect way to redecorate and transform an old piece of furniture, without breaking the bank.

The family were very impressed with the result, of their old chest of drawers, being transformed with our beautiful peel and stick, self-adhesive vinyl wrap. It completely refreshed their old and boring chest of drawers, and brought them to life, giving them a simplistic and modern look, which went hand in hand with the room's colour scheme and styling.

Our vinyl wraps are a great way to transform old and plain furniture, add some colour, and match tables, drawers, desks, bookshelves and more, with the desired colour scheme of any room. We have many designs to select from on our store.

Have a look at our vinyl furniture wraps here. We have many colours and designs to select from. They are perfect for upcycling any old and plain furniture you have. They can be used on kitchen worktops, cupboards and many more as well. The vinyl is waterproof too, so can be used in bathrooms as well! We are chuffed that our vinyl was featured on BBC, and hope you enjoyed the episode as much as we did! The next episode, we also have some more of our vinyl used, which we can't wait to see!

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