Rose Gold Wall Stickers - Modern Decor Colour

Rose Gold Wall Stickers - Modern Decor Colour

Rose gold wall stickers, follow the modern trend of the colour rose gold, which has shot to fame in recent years.

Over time, different colours make different peaks of appearances, when it comes to the newest 'trend'. For the last few years, rose gold wall stickers have linked to this trend where everyone is going mad for the colour rose gold. Just like it was yellow or orange within the 60's!

Rose gold is a beautiful colour, a mix of gold/orange and a dull shimmer of brown. Here at Quote My Wall, we love to keep on the latest trends and what people are loving for their homes, right here, right now!

We have recently released our new colour rose gold, to cater for this current trend, allowing our customers to purchase some of our best selling wall stickers in rose gold.

Our polka dot wall stickers are some of our best sellers, so we have started to sell these rose gold wall stickers, giving our customers the option to grab this colour and apply the amazing shiny colour to their walls.


The rose gold wall stickers we offer look amazing, as it gives of a lovely glimmer in your rooms, especially when light is shone onto them. They can really transform a room and complete the modern and trendy look of your room!


So be sure to check out some of our rose gold wall stickers now!

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