Nursery Wall Stickers - Perfect Decor For Nursery Rooms

Nursery wall stickers are a fantastic, affordable and effective way to transform your nursery room. These day's nursery decor is a key element to defining the room of your child. Whether it be baby photos, stars hanging from the ceiling, or a beautiful wooden chest of drawers. There are so many options when it comes to thinking about the perfect nursery decor to include in one room, and often such a small space to work with.


With nursery wall stickers, you can really finish off a nursery or child's room in a unique way. Nursery wall decals can be the perfect choice, to make a feature wall come alive, or to personalise the room with the babies name on the wall, decorated with stars, butterflies and many other eye catching grphics.


With wall stickers simple to apply, and very affordable, decorating a wall in a nursery couldn't be easier. In nurseries, not a lot of items usually fix or are applied to the walls, only a few items such as shelving and maybe the odd photo frame. These can look lovely, but can also be enhanced and accompanied by a beautiful pack of star wall stickers, or a stunning wall sticker quote inbetween to really finish the walls off.


With many wall sticker designs available, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to thinking of decorating the wall in the nursery. Our wall stickers are tough and apply to flat, smooth surfaces extremely well - making them hard to babies and young children to remove. However, they can be easily removed applying heat from a hairdrier, and doing so, will not remove any paintwork or leave any residue behind.


Often nursery decor is expensive. You seem to pay a lot of money for the simple items, and in return they aren't as unique as wall stickers. Why follow the crowd with traditional items? Wall stickers are a great, new and modern way to really bring a nursery to life and apply personality to the little ones sleeping quarters!


Nursery wall stickers come in many different styles, sizes and colour options. Here at Quote My Wall, we offer 36 beautiful colour options for you to choose from. With such a wide range of colours to select your perfect wall stickers from, you can be certain to find the right colour to match your childrens room or nursery walls.


The wall stickers look painted on the existing walls, and don't stick out giving off an unattractive look. Instead, they blend in, give character and can be arranged in many different ways, giving you full control on how you would like the final outcome to look.


Have a look through our nursery wall stickers today, and we are sure you'll find the perfect wall stickers for your childrens room and nursery. Happy shopping!

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