Name Wall Stickers - Add Personalised Wall Stickers To Your Rooms

Name Wall Stickers - Add Personalised Wall Stickers To Your Rooms

Name wall stickers are a great way to add a unique touch to your walls and rooms. Here at Quote My Wall, we offer a huge range of personalised name wall stickers, in many different styles and colour options.

Adding a name to your wall, really shows that added personalised touch, giving it authority, and showing people the room and wall sticker is specifically customised to you, or the name it is showing.

In children's rooms, our personalised name wall stickers are an amazing way to give a child engagement and interest to their room. Once they see their name on their wall, they feel special, and it gives them a sense of home feeling. It shows the room is unique for them.

Putting a name wall sticker above a childs bed is a great placement for our personalised wall stickers. It's usually the most popular spot for them to be placed. This is because above a bed is known as a feature wall.


We provide all our wall stickers in 36 colours, giving you brilliant choice when it comes to matching it against the colour scheme you have chosen for the childs room or nursery. Light greys are the 'in thing' at the moment, where we have seen a strong rise in the popularity of this colour for name wall stickers and personalised wall decals.


Whatever colour you go with, be sure that Personalised wall stickers look amazing, add character and feature to a room and really bring it together.

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