The Polka Dot Wall Stickrs Craze

The Polka Dot Wall Stickrs Craze

Polka dot wall stickers have taken the World by storm! When we first released our dalmation spot wall stickers a few years back, they were an instant hit! People loved using them for all rooms in their house. From kitchens and bedrooms, to offices and nursery rooms, there seemed no limit. Fast forward a few years, and the polka dot wall stickers craze is still in full swing - and growing!

With our dalmation spot wall stickers, you are in control of where you place them, and the look you wish to achieve. This is just the beauty of them, they're so simple to apply and can transform your walls and rooms within minutes!

Life is very fast paced now, and money is tight for a lot of people. Decorating a room should be fun and engaging, not tedious and expensive. That's where our polka dot wall decals come into play. They're an easy to apply, inexpensive alternative to wallpapering a room and spending lots of money, time and hassle getting it all applied and finished.

Our polka dot wall stickers, you just peel from the sheet and apply to the walls! Everyone applies them differently. Some go for the stickers packed very close together, whilst some prefer them very spaced apart. No 2 walls are ever the same.

Some great benefits of using our polka dot wall stickers are:

  • Less mess! Simply peel and stick to apply to the walls. No need for wallpapering the whole room and getting messy paste everywhere.
  • Affordable - Dalmation spot wall stickers are affordable, and you can completely transform your walls for under £20, easy.
  • Removable - Our wall stickers can be easily removed without damaging the walls of leaving any residue on the surface, like cheap wall stickers.
  • Stunning results - Within 10 minutes, you can really change the outlook of your room and give a great feature wall and talking point.
  • The wall stickers look as if they're painted on, so no sticking up bits.
  • 36 stunning colours available - Polka dot wall stickers are available in 36 beautiful colours, giving you great choice when wanting to match a certain colour scheme in your room, and allowing you to pick the perfect colour to suit your needs.
  • Waterproof - Our wall decal stickers are waterproof, so can be applied in bathrooms and kitchens and on tiles.
  • Can be stuck to most smooth and flat surfaces.

polka dot wall stickers features

The possibilities are really endless with our dalmation spot wall stickers. Once more, we offer a buy more and save offer. So the more you purchase, the lower cost each spot is and the cheaper you get them for.

Since the launch of our polka dot wall stickers, we have sold 1000's upon 1000's to people all over the world! Many people tag us in photos on social media and send us photos ia email, expressing how chuffed and happy they are with the products and their purchase.

When our customers apply them to their children's bedrooms or nurseries, they love to get the kids involved, helping them apply them to the walls. It engages the kids energy and gives them something fun and productive to do.

So what are you waiting for?! Bring your creative and artistic side out, and try our fantastic range of polka dot wall stickers today! We have many designs available, not just dalmation spots. We have a huge range of beautiful peel and stick wall stickers, from gold triangles and squares, to mini clouds and teepee's. What ever your needs for decorating your walls, check out our wall decals. They're quick, easy to apply, affordable and produce simply stunning results. You won't be disappointed we can tell you that. Happy polka dot sticking!

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