We've recently made a big change to one of our best selling colours for our wall stickers. We've changed suppliers for our metallic gold vinyl, and it looks amazing and more golden than ever!

Gold wall stickers have been some of our most popular over the years. Gold is a beautiful, elegant and luxury colour which really shows off class and uniqueness. With wall stickers it's no different, and showing off gold wall stickers in your home or office is no exception, they look incredible and really stand out!

Our old gold wall sticker vinyl was still great, but we felt like it needed an upgrade. So we've decided to source a more golden style of vinyl, which shows out more on both dark and light coloured walls and surfaces.

It's still gold metallic, don't panic! So this means in the light and when light is shined off it, if you look closely it will give a lsight twinkle, which is the metallic texture coming into play. The gold looks absolutely beautiful, and we are really excited to start using it on our wall stickers across our website.

Customers are really loving it too and we are getting great feedback from many happy customers. So what are you waiting for?! Check out our gold wall stickers across our website today, and turn a dull and boring wall into a real shiny gold talking point!