DIY Cheap Gold Foil Prints for Your Wedding Cards Let’s face it; while planning for that big day, your prayers are that everything goes on as per your plans, smoothly and beautifully and you leave a lifelong memory. And one of the best ways of getting as many people to attend is by making wedding cards that feature beautifully crafted words. Gold foil prints aren’t simply awesome – they’re compelling too.   

Looking to add a beautiful shine to your wedding or birthday cards and make them look unique as well?   

Firstly, cheap gold foil prints aren’t hard to find during such a period when everything is cheaply available online - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. If you haven’t come across a couple of awe-inspiring ones, then you have been scouring the wrong parts. You need to hunt online because besides getting a huge list of them – Videos and How-To guidelines, many of the available tutorials are tailored for a newbie like you.   

Of course, you need to have purchased foil prints already and the instruments to be used. Essentially, you can’t start crafting those beautiful wordings unless you've got a laser print and a laminator. Many people often prefer using a printer to have a hardcopy of the many gold foil print templates available online, but that’s a bit unnecessary if you’re on a budget.   

Now, you’ve what you require, but you must ensure your workstation (or office) is decent, organized and dust-free. A gold foil is adhesive backed, and any slight allergens may make everything useless! You don’t need to be a guru or be under anyone’s tutelage. All you need is that bad-ass, fun-loving junkie in you.    

1. Cut the toner-reactive gold foil enough to suit your image, though you may steel weed away any excess pieces. Here, however, you’ll need to be extra careful because it basically determines how the final foil print will look. For me, beautiful wordings are supreme, especially when they glitter.   

2. Next, smooth out any wrinkled parts of the foil before putting another sheet of paper on top. The foil must be sandwiched between the sheets of paper before it gets through the already-hot laminator. Trust me; 15 minutes are more than enough to turn a simple, plain white sheet of wedding card into a fantastic, shimmering art print! 


 3. Once it is out of the laminator, carefully peel back the foil and witness mini-magic, courtesy of your little Midas touch. A few more attempts and your newfound hobby will probably be a full-time gig!   

4.Now, carefully package that wedding card and post it.   

Easy, right?   

Here’s the Disclaimer!    

Okay, it is perfectly acceptable to spend more time and create something elegant before sending your final copy through the laminator. Don’t rush; you have the whole time to do your stuff.   There’s no limit to what you can actually do. You can even do a gold foil print of your image! Practice! Practice! Practice! You’ll be a Guru at the end of the day!    

Gold foil printing can be quite tricky, and a lot of people are put off by the effort required to creat their foil prints, for their cards, crafts, prints etc.

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