Customer Wall Sticker Photo Gallery<br>

A collection of photos of our wall stickers, displayed in customers houses. Check out how our wall stickers can be used to transform a room. We have included many types of our wall decals, including nursery wall stickers, wall sticker quotes and home decor wall stickers.<br>

Another photo showcasing our star nursery wall stickers, featured in a customers nursery at their home. Rather than spreading the star wall stickers all over the wall, the customer has achieved an amazing effect, by spreading them at the top half, allowing the star decals to stand out against the night sky colour wallpaper.

Customer photo showing the amazing design achieved with our triangle wall stickers in their front room. The mix of colours gives it a stunning look.

Our stars featured in another nursery. Simple to apply, and they transform a room!

Customer photo of using our silver metallic stars pack on the ceiling! Don't they look fantastic?!

Another customer photo of our best sellingsilver metallic stars. Featured in their childs nursery, they look absolutely beautiful!

Our silver metallic stars wall stickers featured in a customers nursery room. These give life to a plain wall and are so simple to apply, just peel and stick! Our wall stickers are great value to transforming a room.

One of our best selling custom nursery/childrens wall sticker on a wall.

One of our Banksy wall stickers put up in a customers house. This greay wall decal matches the carpet, and makes great use of a plain wall. Amazing!

Customer photo of our wall stickers featured in their nursery. These nursery wall decals look incredible! Really finish off this room.

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